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What!!! IT is already the end of MARCH??? How is that possible?  Sure, it is super rainy and definitely SPRING in IOWA weather but I feel like I literally blinked and three months have passed. Maybe I have been in the baby haze of eat, play, sleep with my little Crosby who was born at the very beginning of the year or maybe I am just still adjusting the having three kids in the house!!  One thing I know for sure,  I am getting back into work and have my first wedding of the year April 1st!  NEXT WEEKEND!  Also, I am trying to design a new website so watch for that soon!

Here are a few pics of what’s been happening at Lisa Lytton Photography the last few months (along with some adorable baby photos).  I couldn’t resist.


Fall Engagement Sessions

So….I am a bit behind on posting!! It seems life has gotten a bit crazy with our move from TEXAS to IOWA and the number of engagement session this month that I have had!  Everyone is dying for pretty fall leaves in their pictures!  I love it!  So, the temps are beautiful and fall is in the air.  Here are a few photos from recent sessions this fall.DSC_2504DSC_2512DSC_2580DSC_2600DSC_2607DSC_2612DSC_2660DSC_2773DSC_2845DSC_2980DSC_3134DSC_3208DSC_3420DSC_3486DSC_3501DSC_3546DSC_3563DSC_3590DSC_3636DSC_3733DSC_3744DSC_3766DSC_3780DSC_3804DSC_3822DSC_3850DSC_3870DSC_3998DSC_4016DSC_4713DSC_7559DSC_7581DSC_7607DSC_7620DSC_7640DSC_7718DSC_7732DSC_7747DSC_7767DSC_7806DSC_7812DSC_7871DSC_7883DSC_7891mp-(9)mp-(16)mp-(44)mp-(66)mp-(69)mp-(82)